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“Why Would You Make This?” is an audio podcast performed by comedian Jimmy Time, professional wrestler Jay Delta, and the often silent Danny Money twice a month, sometimes with a fourth guest, on bad movies, TV shows, TV movies, and one time, a wrestling pay per view.

They spend up-to two hours going over the entire movie, the stars, the title, director, & genuinely try to answer the question “Why Would You Make This?” But they don’t stop there. They each make a sequel; have a quiz on the movie; laugh about the strange title translations; & when it’s all done they leave you with a fitting song that sets the mood.

They almost always hate the film and nearly never recommend you see it. So, See how long before Jimmy Time yells in anger, Jay Delta goes off on a hypothetical possibility, or Danny Money says something racist.

Why Would You Make This? has been operating since November of 2013

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